Monday, January 25, 2010


Brandon and I watched a movie last night Called 500 days of Summer- It's kindve an artsy Sundance film- anyways explaining the number of days theyd known each other- Cut movie- anyways we started talking and decided to figure out how long weve know each other- Luckily I'm a jornal writer so I knew the exact date we met- we calculated it and it was 2044 days that we've known each other. Yeah were like mega nerds.

So onto the point of the story - I wake up this morning check my e-mail and What do I find?
An e-mail from Brandon

with the number 2045 in the header
{I was confused -it was early}

below that it read...

I love you

That was it...
So simple
So sweet
So Brandon

I cried
I love him more.



  1. awww that is so sweet! cutest thing ever.

  2. so cute. did you like the movie?? I've been trying to decide if I want to watch it or not.

  3. Awe~ Thats so sweet! I too am a nerd and I know just how many days Adam and I have known each other but that is because Adam wrote on his bebo (remember bebo hahaha) blog and they don't say the date they just say how many days ago it was. He wrote about the hot girl in his bio class.

  4. ok, seriously ... that is too cute and I am totally going to copy you!

  5. okay, how cute are you guys and how perfect are you for each other!!