Thursday, January 21, 2010

Non LAME Baby shower game ideas...Follow our Mod Blog

So I came up with some ideas for baby shower games that are different and not LAME!
You can go here to see the post.

On another note...

I'd really really love if everyone who reads this blog for the
event/crafty/ etsy/DIY stuff to follow our modblog.

I'm trying to separate my crafty/event one from my own personal family's blog. So those of you who could care less on how to revamp a junkyard window don't have to listen to me ramble about how beautiful I think old revamped schmag is. And you can just enjoy pictures of my handsome little dudes- brands great one liners and my occasional random thoughts on being blissful.
{but if you do like that kind of schmag}

I'll be doing an awesome giveaway soon on the modblog- so you better go follow if you want in on the sweetness that will happen soon. Trust me you don't want to miss this one! Modblog will be updated on a more regular basis and some revamping will occur.
Thanks everyone who inspires me and thinks my life is worth reading about.
I love hearing from everyone you all make me so happy when I blog and get a funny or inspirational comment.


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  1. Bree you make my heart (and the peasants) rejoice! I love your cheerful attitude amid all the daily struggles of life :) I love hearing about everything you're up to on your blog! I hope we can always stay in touch cause i love you girl!!!