Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Girl Johnsons room...part 1

I am blessed to have an interior designer for a sister in law what can I say.
Shes been working hard on designing this nursery with me. Also to have family on both sides that love projects and are very handy and crafty. We've all been working for a wile now on transferring the boys room into new babies room and this is what we've done so far-
{click the link above to go to Brookes design blog she has more details}
There is still a lot that needs to be done-
I need to get a hot pink crib sheet- anyone know where to get hot pink ones?
I have to paint the hot pink art wall- hang some stuff- find a dress form - maybe redo a dresser- fix the curtains ect
But the bones are now done!
see the hot pink table- it used to be black and kindve ugly
Now its so adorable I cant wait to find some beautiful hardware for it.
We originally were going to do the top portion white but it was a little stark
so we did a faint faint pink and black on the bottom-

I love that we did black its so different and bold!
the wood boards are gorgeous- we'll try and get a camera that makes it show up better cause it looks super cool and adds texture I have some way fun ideas for artwork.
Can't wait!

In the pictures frames all of which were found at junkyards
I want to hang a hook so I can change what outfit goes inside- my ballet point shoes
are on the left as well as my grandmothers vintage necklace that I wore at
my wedding an old purse that belong to my great great grandmother from the 1920's-
oh people its gorgeous and lined in pink silk!-
I love that little purse! And some art my sister bought me on her trip to europe in
Monte Marte in Paris. I still might add a couple more frames of different thicknesses-
and I'm looking for an old door to turn sideways and paint hot pink then
hang pics of the baby on- it might be junkyard time again.

The crib was originally brown- we sanded and painted it white- unfortunately the bedding looks a little weird with the raised bed frame cause I need to be able to reach my little one-
Im only 5' 3
{ yes thats why I wear heels all the time}
The brown blinds bug me- they are in every other window in my house
but they still bother me in this room- what do you think?
I'll update later on what's happening in the boys new room!


  1. I might have some hot pink fabric that I could sew a sheet out of, I'll have to check. If I have it, it's yours.

  2. Hi Nana i can't beleive she will almost be here are you getting so excited!! I sure am and i can't beleive you also kept that picture from europe i am so glad you did i picked it out with you in mind. i hope she likes it just as much as i do.