Thursday, January 28, 2010

37 weeks 4 days

Can you tell whos who?

This was exactly how far along I was when the boys were born. Full term for twins was very uncomfortable I spent half my life in the bath tub- this pregnancy has been so much easier. I'm so grateful I've been able to enjoy it a little more. I still remember waking up that day and not being nervous at all because I was so excited the Drs were going to take care of me and the pain would finally go away.

I know gross stomach-
but the black lines were actually veins not stretch marks-
amazing eh? I have no idea how I got away with that.
Thanks mom and dad for giving me great skin!

So anyways I was just thinking about them today remembering how small they were how fresh- how they smelled there hair- how shocked I was that Harrisons eye color turned brown so fast. Dealing with those first few days in the NICU being so scared for Harrison. Grateful I could touch Greyson. I remember How Brandon almost never left the nicu- he held Harrisons finger and took pictures for me until I could be wheeled to the NICU. It was a whirlwind of emotion love and no sleep. Literally a blur for us the first 3 months. The other picture is of the boys first time being together without any monitors tubes and oxygen on the ra ra. they held each others hands. It was super sweet. Just reminiscing. trying to remember what a newborn is like. And how Much love I have for my babies. They truly bring me what true joy is. I can't believe they were that tiny. As they sit here next to me showing me car cars and bringing me there fish puzzle that we take apart every morning. I'm so excited to hold my daughter and meet her little spirit.


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  1. You freaked me out there for a second I thought you had your baby girl and then I recognized the picture :) I can't believe you are practically done!