Monday, February 15, 2010

The amazing race v day style!

Well this year I was a little worried how we were going to celebrate v day with having a brand spankin new 3 day old baby girl.
also why I look like a balloon :)
Luckily I have some amazing friends and we all love to throw parties and when we all pitch in it's amazingly easy and fun crud happens! So we came up with clues and tasks for our handsome men to go accomplish while we cooked them an amazing dinner-

1-Go to the the palm tree park and create a love message for us out of snow, rocks or leaves.

2-At Chad's work they were supposed to make a music video to "I'm too sexy..." but the stereo wouldn't play the cd, so they got off with showing us their pouty disappointed faces Brandon's pouty lips made me laugh so hard.

At Danny's work they had to spell out LOVE with their bodies.IT WAS So funny to watch them manuever.

At Jordan's Dad's office they had to use props to make a video (they bopped their heads with dark sunglasses on for about 3 minutes! To I wear my sunglasses at night- you can tell when the guys loose it that it was going to be such a fun night.

Then they finished off making us rose bud flowers out of kisses out at heritage point.

The other task they had to complete at some point in the date was to use a bag of pennies we gave them to get us a gift- sooo they went to superstore and bought us candy-Picture this 4 guys in matching shirts at the self checkout putting pennies in the machine one by one and someone filming them-We just died laughing when we watched the video.

ON the way back the boys called us and faked a ticket we took their wallets so they wouldn't cheat and try and buy something not using the pennies- so we all kind've freaked- we thought they might be pulling our leg but it took a while and we all started feeling like it was super real- plus they only texted didn't call. Finally they called and said nick talked his way out of the ticket and it helped that brandon's shirt said I heart bj- OH SO FUNNY- but then they ended up walking through the door with bouquets and we figured out they tricked us sneaky guys! It was so much fun!!!!

The studly men in their I heart my wife shirts designed by lovely miss Marissa- I love mine- Brandon and I have the same initials so I feel extra chesy- LOVE IT! plus the bj is just hilarious if Brandon wears it.
We made them little gifts while they were out - they have printable magnet paper at staples- We just made up words and cut them out with the message - I'm so attracted to you hope these help you score!- complete with choco score bar- already these magnets have been a blast in my kitchen this week.

The girlies in hot pink!-love how I'm not looking- I must've been staring at desert...
I laughed so hard at dinner that When I got home I had to take 2 tylenol 3 because my inciscion hurt so bad- I had to hold my stomach every time there was something funny we talked about. I love my friends so much!
Chloe' accompanied her parents on the date- she's such a good little sleeper and cuddler. Aunt Keshia and Melanie held her lots- check out the strawberries- for dinner we had steaks with mushrooms asparagus scallops salad and sparkling cider.
I went home thinking how lucky I am to have Brandon in my life- he makes me laugh is super fun to be with and I love his sense of humor and that he's will to do anything. WHat a trooper- the guys vowed to get us back I'm scared for fathers day.
Happy V day johnson!


  1. That looks and sounds like you had so much fun! You do seem to have some pretty cool friends :) I have only one question what happened to one of the guys shirts?