Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aunt Brooke and Grandma Rock

Brandon went back to work today- so it was the first day handling the kiddos by myself after my c section. I havnt quite healed yet enough to be my normal self so Debbie had to work but before she went she brought by dinner lunch and breakfast for me- I know I'm spoiled- she also took my recycling and my laundry to fold- what a saint! Brooke volunteered to take my boys for the afternoon- I told her maybe it would work better to just take Greyson. THen I could have some one on one with Ra Ra which he desperately needs right now.
Well That boy "Greyson" needed to burn off some energy and man did he do that- 6 pm the kid was asleep. Anyways they took my van and her the unit and jett went on an outing to lets play- she took some cute pictures of them together. It made me smile when she e-mailed them to me. Knowing that he was having some fun and getting out of the house. I might have to look into a family pass to this place. Apparently it's a major hit! So thanks Aunt Brooke and Grandma Debbie when you read this someday my Harrison and Greyson- you should call them and say thank you for keeping your mother sane.


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  1. The early bedtime might be because he was way too excited to take a nap. Next time I will take both boys. Apparently there is a similar place in okotoks that is cheaper. WE will have to hit it up one day.