Monday, February 22, 2010

My Grocery List

{Part of my journal writing activity}
{Sorry if it's boring to everyone else- I'll prob look back and laugh at this one day}
It may seem like something so simple yet today my grocery list kept me grounded. It was normal it was routine. Something I desperately need right now. So here is my super long list- can you tell we've been home and havn't gone grocery shopping in 2 weeks.

Boys Milk
String Cheese
cream cheese
Block cheese
Cottage Cheese
Bag of rolls
Shaved Smoked Turkey
Shaved Smoked Black Forest Ham
Ground Beef
Frozen Juices
mini pizzas
Frozen Dinners
Toaster strudels
Preggo sauce
Tomato Soup
Lasagna noodles
Oatmeal Crisp
Bowls of pineapple
Fruit snacks
granola bars
Grahm crackers
skor bits
dipping chocolate
choc chips
Dish soap
Mr Clean
caesar salad mix
chicken strips
vitamin c

Mac studio fix 25 foundation
Those grahm cookie things/peapods/size 1 diapers/size 5 diapers at
costco- I know we do lots of diapers at our house- in fact we get so sick of them we have to have diaper races to not get to sick of it


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  1. Actually I like seeing what other people buy, it gives me ideas:) the boys are in size 5?