Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Power of a Prayer

Just wanted to get out a few thoughts. I'm grateful for prayer this week. After my c Section I went home with no complications. About 4 days ago I noticed a huge lump under the right side of my incision. Later that day it really started to hurt. Brandon was back at work Debbie and Brooke out of town and my Mom is at home taking care of my sick grandpa. So I was on my own for a couple days. I felt really scared and I was in a lot of pain- The Dr told me I had a hemotoma under my incision on the right side from going up and down my stairs too much Id pulled a muscle and the blood was clotting under it causing some huge swelling. If it got red and infected I'd need to be opened up again and get new staples-not something I needed right now- I'm just trying to stay a float- feed and take care of my newborn and take care of crazy twin toddlers- who are getting molars all while trying to heal myself. She said to only go down my stairs once a day- how? I have to feed my kids. I got home and cried and cried really hard. I'm sure half of it was my crazy hormones but at the time I just felt exhausted and worn out. And guilty that I was complaining about something so small in my life going wrong. Not sure how I'm going to do everything- I really took my health for grantid. It got redder throughout the day and hurt more and eventually split open- I started to cry again-my boys were whining in the other room- I'm trying to feed chloe who is screaming and I'm bleeding at the same time- in that moment I just remember feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders so discouraged so afraid and so alone. I'm not superwoman. I said probably the most sincere pleading prayer for some help. Help to be emotionally stable to take it one day at a time to heal to have my boys behave. And within the hour- my gauze with ointment was making the redness go down and the skin was healing remarkably. Chloe was sleeping like a log- my boys were playing nicely together and I felt some peace in my heart letting me know it would all be Ok.
I'm greatful for prayer- I know it works - and I'm so glad My heavenly Father loves me and has blessed me so much this week. Heres to hoping the incision keeps healing



  1. Oh Bree! I feel so horrible! I should have been there! I'm so sorry you're going through this, but know that I love you and am here!

  2. Oh girl....I'm glad that your prayers were answered. Take it easy, rest and try and keep yourself confined to one level. Get all your food and snacks and water upstairs and try and stay there. I hope you heal quickly so that you can avoid more surgery.

  3. oh man you are making me cry! Please let me help and call me if I can take the boys sometime, I am good for another couple of months:)

  4. Hi Bree...

    You don't know me, I'm a friend of Kira and Justin. I was looking at there blog and your Post of the power of prayer caught my attention. Thank you for sharing that special story. I have had 3 c-sections the first an emergency so I can so relate to your healing process. I enjoyed seeing your faith in the lord and I got teary eyed when I read your post. You do sound like superwoman. I hope you continue to heal and may you be blessed to have a smooth home. Thank you for you pray post it gave me a boost for my day. Alicia

  5. I'm so sorry Bree! Life can be so overwhelming at times. It's a good thing we have prayer to get us through.