Saturday, June 19, 2010

whats new?

Unfortunatly I do no have lots of pictures to post life has been crazy the past couple weeks. But I guess ill start off with what's new so I feel somewhat caught up and can start fresh again.
1-does Brandon still work for BP? noooo thank heavens- he transferred to shell 2 years ago so we arnt as worried as some others in Calgary are right
2-I have a new ward calling- the activities committee chair- never thought Id get this dream calling-you always think they'll put you somewhere you don't want to be so you'll grow so Im super excited to serve in an area I love. I already have my
notebook full of ideas.
3-co co rolled over- and has the balding head to prove it- I'm so sad she's losing her beautiful e-walk hair.
4- she ate rice cereal last week and liked it lots.
5-Brandon took some flex days off- I love when he does this- we go on dates- and last week we went and saw karate kid- It was such a great movie I really enjoyed it and it just instilled in me again how much I would love to go to asia some day. We both really enjoy film and talking about the shots they do the plot lines ect- its always great conversation over dinner and I love when we get to be together alone we even are those cheesy couples that sit on the same side of the booth sometimes.

6-I went to utah with the kiddos but failed to mention my little incident that happened on the way back- I decided ill blog about that one tomorrow it deserves its own post. So my boys can on day come hug me and say mom we love you.

7- Our grass got arrarated and fertalized- so spelled that wrong- I love when my grass is green Im a little ocd about it- so Im so glad thats finally done- we've had tons of rain and its nice to go outside again- even though the mosquitos are out in full force and greyson is allergic to them- his whole eye was swollen shut last week and just tonight his lip was 3 times its normal size -poor dude

8- went to the relief society retreat- it was so much fun!- such a nice break brandon took all the kids and slept over at johnsons for the night so I could get a little rnr- didnt really happen though cause I stayed up till about 4 am laughing with some of the girls. I enjoy retreat because I talk to people and get to know others I previously wouldn't have
really known because Im so focused on my kids on sundays-{we
barley make it through sacrament meeting each week alive} so heres a shout out to my kenny chesny friend momma K ugggh pom pomm queen of quelf girl and that mean trippy spatula drummer. I LUV YOU- and am happy I got to hang out with you more. They had amazing food-candied apples choc dipped pretzels with carmel and nuts- oh man it was like heaven on a plate. Great entertainment it was a vintage carnival theme- super cute and we got todo lip syn
chs in groups based on our results from a personality test. Thats the most fun I've had in a while. Is it not the best feeling in the world to laugh. I came home with almost no voice because I had laughed so hard. Thanks enrichment I totally saw how much work you did- and It was fab. And I feel rejuvenated.
9-Brandon turned 29-the big 30 is next year so this year was a littl
e more quiet this year- Ive been planning his 30th for a while now- I accidentally bought a cake with nuts in it- oops sooo basically hurt him on his birthday I felt so bad. We went to Robin Hood and then to dinner after. He got a new bike and the boys looove to ride in the bike trailer with him.
10-I am doing a craft fair next week with some friends- I love craft fairs and am excited for a week of getting new supplies and restocking my shop. I love when my mail comes now! And one of my old young women Sheilagh is home from school and is going to watch the boys a couple times so I have some free time to just create- I love that girl and can't believe how grown up she is now.


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  1. Sounds like quite the life! The retreat sounds awesome too! That is funny you've been planning Brandon's 30th for a while. Adam turns 30 next year too and I am planning a surprise birthday, 80s style! You deserve a retreat! Can't wait to hear about your adventure in traveling!