Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ward Ice Cream Social

Why is it that I never get any pictures of how the decor looked- aghh I get too busy anyways. Im the activities committee director in our ward/church group. And for our first activity I decided to do an Ice cream Social. Basically everyone came and picked from 4 different ice creams and about 30 different toppings fruit whip cream candy ect. We also had pocycles and ice cream sandwiches. The tables were each a color of the rainbow. And for centerpieces were sundae cups with 5 balloons that were the same color as the table cloth. So Basically just a mass of color. Unfortunately the wind was crazy so we had to tie the balloons to the pavilion posts. We also played a get to know you game where each family was a color. They has a list of questions they had to answer about other people that were a different color. Once they found that color and did the task/question they colored in a part of the rainbow. When the rainbows were colored the kids came to me and got a balloon to take home- centerpieces were also prizes :) It was really fun and I have such an awesome committee that is so enthusiastic and organized. I love it! So heres a couple pictures Brandon took of the kids. They loved it Especially the boys who got to  "help" clean up the treat plates after while nobody was looking.


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  1. Bree you did a great job! sorry we couldn't stay longer to enjoy the games. I am looking forward to all the future activities ;)