Monday, September 13, 2010


So our trip started off amazing. I get a little nervous on small planes. I don't like taking off landing and any type of turbulence. Luckily Brandon distracted me by just talking and loading videos on his i pod for me to watch. Luckily our connecting flight had tvs in the headrests- you could also play games like bejeweled and trivial pursuit with other people on the plane. Super fun. I won a round and I give credit to my humanities teacher Miss Keim for teaching me facts about poland and russia. I really do love history it's one of my very favorite subjects. 

We start to land in oahu and I get my camera out... 
I had a surprise waiting for Brandon.

 I ordered anniversary leis for us to wear. 
So We were greeted by a traditional Hawaiian lady she was sooo nice she performed the lei ceremony where she kissed us on both cheeks said aloha and placed our leis on each of us. Brandon's smile was huge- I have to admit it was the best way to start out our trip. So fun so part of the culture. I highly recommend it. Then our Lady showed us to baggage claim told us all the really cool places to go and where to get the best deals. I remember walking outside and seeing the most gorgeous tree I have ever seen in my life. Literally like I walked into paradise. She showed us to the shuttle which then took us to the rental car place. When we went to get the rental car they asked if we wanted to upgrade our car for 10 bucks more a day and we could get a jeep or a mustang convertible.Now Anyone who knows me well- knows I have this thing with driving in cool fast cars 
and having really loud music on. 
The stuff you can sing to and not care if anyone sees you
 Natural high for me. 
This people has been my dream sine I've been 16 to drive a convertible 
that was red somewhere tropical. Brandon knows this is on my dream list. 
He took one look at me smiled and was like done...
I love this man! Literally wanted to cry this day kept getting better and better
It pays to book things online before- 

forgive the crazy hair i was super excited and schmaggy after 9 hours of traveling

can you tell
brandon was laughing at me

eyes on road johnson eyes on road!

So we drive our little convertible to our hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani. The front desk people laughed at how excited I was to be there how I loved the flower arrangements and I told them it was our anniversary and we were excited to escape the canadian cold. The cute receptionist girl went to the back for a minute came back out and said we upgraded your room. I like happy people. Happy anniversary. WOW Our room had a balcony and we could
 see the ocean and all the city lights and night life amazing. 

We knew we needed to stay up so our jet lag wouldn't be bad so we went to chills and ate. Thats where we had our first date when we were in Rexburg. I remember playing tic tac toe with the coasters and the flip game with the coasters so it was kindve fun to reminisce.

 Then we walked around the international marketplace- its very fun there such a cool vibe. 
And finally we took a walk on the beach- and as cheesy as this sounds it was right as the sun was setting. The tide was high and the waves were so peaceful. I love being here with my best friend and Im so grateful for this memory I'll forever have with him.

happy feet in the sand- is our def of paradise



  1. Fun update- and I totally agree with the car upgrade, um, best to go all out when you get the chance to travel child-free!

  2. Love it! And love that you're blogging about it so I can pretend I'm there with you haha. Can't wait to see/hear more of your adventure in the sun!

  3. I LOVE that you are updating your blog! I literally have the chills because I love your litte adventure and have always dreamed of your exact situation! I agree with Keshia, keep posting I love livin through you on your adventure!