Monday, September 27, 2010

my sweet little family 2010

Taken by wendy and Tyler from Blue Lily photography in Downtown Calgary
 I have been begging wendy to come to Calgary to do pictures for about a year- and when she e-mailed me saying they were coming I was so excited- like jump and down on my couch tom cruise excited. 
Her sense of style in her pictures is exactly what I love. lots and lots of color- less posed- raw emotion in kids. And I love how she puts the family's personality into the photos. The photo session was so fun.
 I was super stressed about the boys cooperating( not melting down)- but once we were there it's like the stars aligned and they were wonderful- funny, cute and ready to jump run ect. 
I have to say wendy and tyler were great at getting our kids attention and I absolutely love my pictures- 
bright colorful crazy happy just like my sweet little family



  1. Bree I love the pics we will hopefully get purs taken in oct or november when the leaves are changing more. i love the pics of you on the stairs the boys and coco roo look so so cute

  2. Those are so cute Bree! Very colorful! You got some great shots of Chloe too!! She's a natural! Haha