Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hmm a song that makes me cry?

The forgotten Carols make me cry. I've known a couple people where they have really touched their lives. If you ever get a chance to go to Forgotten Carols I highly suggest it. I was fortunate to be in a choir who performed in the forgotten carols when I lived in utah and it was pretty cool.
 I have lots of songs that have stirred great emotion in me. Mostly songs about being a mother really get to me. I think because I never saw myself as a motherly person..and once I became one I realized how special it is. How much joy they give me. How they make me grow- really I feel like I'm a better person because of my children. They make you learn things about yourself you wouldn't otherwise see. I also love Charlotte Church/-I can only imagine- is also a song that really speaks to me.

 I also remember crying while singing the final number In Chamber Quire- When you spend 4 hours every day with the same people you become really close and I felt like singing that final song was so hard. Knowing I wouldn't be able to be a part of something that cool again. Such a tight knit group- an amazing sound. I remember singing and getting chills when we would all be in synch and our pitch was correct and you could hear an overtone. That an amazing feeling. An almost spiritual feeling.  Hearing 8 part music is gorgeous. I sometimes think that when I'm in Heaven one day- we're going to have the most amazing choir- and I can't wait to sing in it!
 and the biggest song that makes me cry
Daniel Beddingfield if your not the one- Thats Our wedding song and I still feel
 emotional every time I listen to the words

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  1. I have a playlist of songs that make me cry :) I love listening to it and stirring up all those emotions. Maybe I'll blog about it. I loved doing the Forgotten Carols. So beautiful!