Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Creative Crate Folder blogging things that make me happy

I tried to make the title cool and was going to write it in French- But then Brandon said it in French and it sounded weird. I'm in an odd mood- and currently watching glee- so a little distracted. I love singing in the rain. Tap shows are the bomb...anyways I thought Id share a little piece of love that nobody knows about but me. I have a file on my computer of pictures that are inspiring to me for some reason.  I call it the creative crate. I love designing my home. I love making it almost a part of me. When you walk in my home I want people to know it's our personality..and I'm of the feeling that you only put things in your house that you love. So everything is a treasure. So here are some inspiration photos I've had for years- they make me happy and they inspire me. Sorry a lot of these I don't know where they came form except the book shelf which is  miss wendy's picture from blue lily

so this is the way I would describe my style- market bizarre- black and white classics with pops of eccentric trendy colored accesscories


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