Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm looking forward to....

a trip back home to Utah. It's funny how 5 years ago when I left Utah I felt like I'd never want to go back. I think lots of people feel that way about the place they live their whole lives- but lately I've really missed certain things. I like being able to say I'm a native Utahn and I know all the really cool places to go and see.  So heres a small list if you go to utah these are the places I always go to.

My family Lives in Pleasant View Which is by Ogden but a little farther up the mountain.

If you are ever in North Ogden around the 4th of July Cherry days is super fun. They have a big firework show at the highschool thats put to music that I love. Also I love the Eden Baloon Festival they have about 30 hot air baloons that go up along with a market/art show. Very cool and relaxing

The old grist mill- Is a soup place in Ogden. I miss having one of these in Canada so much. I love love love soup and being able to go get that for lunch was so amazing. All I can get here is mcdonalds and wendy's and it gets old. Canadians need more food places that have stuff besides hamburgers. Also more Mexican food. I miss mexican food so much.

The antique stores on 25th street in downtown Ogden. Found many a treasure there.

The gateway in Salt Lake City Is my favorite place to shop. It's an outdoorish type mall - and on Saturdays they have street performers or sidewalk artists. During Christmastime they play music outside and it's all decorated. I love watching the olympic fountain go off and playing in it. Yes even at 24 I still think it's fun. And on thanksgiving night they turn all the lights on downtown- best day ever to be in slc.

Swiss Days- In  Midway/Heber- By Park City- It's basically like a craft market for a week in september- all european and people in traditional swiss costume- 

So fun I love it!

Bear Lake- This lake is super warm and the beaches have actual sand not rocks. And because of its higher elevation I always seem to get an amazing tan when we go- it's become one of my favorite places.also amazing raspberry shakes- why do most of my memories center around ice cream shops?

ICEBERG Drive in- The best huge shakes ever- This place is in Salt Lake By my grandparents house in Holiday. They also have an amazing hot dog!

Lagoona Beach- I miss having outdoor waterparks it's not warm long enough up here for people to make them and think it's worth it- for outdoor pools- so it's more lakes in Canada. I miss pools and waterslides.

Skinz- A jean store in Layton hills mall- they sell knock off designer denim- and it's the only place I've found jeans that look good on me. Cute big stitching in colors-rock n republic true religions 7's-This store is super fun. And it's only in Layton Hills. They don't have a website and no pictures- so I feel like this store is a real hidden treasure. 

Dear Lizzie- A cute little boutique with vintage items and charming decor. In Highland Utah. Also they do tea time on Tuesdays- with scones- It's amazing! 18 bucks a piece or 60 bucks for a table of 4. Trust me it's worth it to have a tea party with your friends or sisters.

Vintage Cupcakes In Ogden Utah- Id love to just sit in there all day- This is what I want my house to feel like- whimsical pieces I love chipped paint bright patterns. I love it! I'm drawn to cupcake shops. I love the feel of them the look. Part of me has a small dream to start a boutique that would look like this- and sell cupcakes and vintage items in it. fun eh?
so there you go a couple of my favorite utah spots.



  1. K--so When I read your bit about Old Grist Mill I thought "It's not a soup place, it is a bread place!" But come to think about it it's both haha! I love to go for the bread! There are lots of awesome things in here! Did you guys ever do Pleasant View Founders day? One of my favorite days of the year! Also, I'll have to check out skinz...are they knock off or do they just sell defect jeans? I just got some True Religion jeans but they are a size or two too big on my waist (nothing a belt doesn't fix) but I love love love them and want more. Thanks for helping me discover some fun little places! Maybe I'll have to check some out when I go up too!

  2. oh my goodness thank you for sharing all these fun things in utah!!! i havent heard of any of them and now i want to explore!