Sunday, November 14, 2010

My siblings Parents and Grandma/Grandpa

These are my sisters Mequette on the top is now 19 She goes to Utah State and Just got accepted to Vet School. She loves to wear jeans and sweatshirts. We are soo different- but get along so great!
and on the bottom is
Acacia she is 22 Goes to University of Utah is an Art Major and Lives in Salt lake City with her cute husband David- Who I was in Chamber Choir with and they have a 1 year old girl named Evia. Heres her blog if you want to check out the really old house she just renovated its amazing!
I also have 2 other heavenly sisters Sirelle and Tayiah.

This is a picture of my parents and me when I graduated at BYUI

I have the best parents in the world - not gonna lie they taught me how to work hard to always shoot for higher than I though I could achieve and also how to serve. They've been huge examples to me of how to treat others. I also credit them with giving me a great self esteem despite physical attributes I don't care for  in myself namely my very thin hair. Never have I thought of myself as not being beautiful. Inside and out. I hope that didn't sound stuck up it wasn't supposed to. I just really have always had a great self confidence. And this is because my parents made me feel that way. I feel so blessed to have them.
An interesting tidbit...
They love the outdoors they love to fish be rugged I guess?
totally not me I enjoy my heels
is it not interesting how your family can be so alike but so different all at the same time.

and this is my grandpa- the one that used to push me in my grandmas wheel chair the one who'd slip a hundred dollar bill into birthday cards. The one who'd pay for my singing lessons.  The one who owned a pharmacy and when we'd go to visit him he'd let us play in the back with rolls of bubble wrap and bags of candy. from the front. So awesome for a 5 year old!
The one who was there for every play dance recital birthday sunday dinner. I love this man. He's the epitimy of being full of charity. And My grandma is just as special to me. I was fortunate out of all my cousins and siblings to be very close to her- I was the oldest and We lived the closest so I have lots of wonderful memories with her. Also a huge reason of who I think I am today is because of her. She loved throwing parties we made centerpieces for every dinner we had together. She took me to doll conventions we went shopping together. I still have a mini ballerina she gave to me that means the absolute world to me. I remember her saying it looked like me. And it made her happy to watch me dance when she couldn't anymore. So I danced for her. I'd put a picture up but I don't have any on this computer so when I go to utah next week ill snag a picture of her. want another little detail...
she was an exotic dancer before she met my grandpa :)
 my dad also says she made the best bread ever
he'd come home from school and eat 3 loaves
see why I love her.
there you go a little about my family
oh and these are my fab loveland cousins steph and jess



  1. What a great tribute to your family Bree! They are lucky to have you.

    PS I have cousins in Loveland too, too funny, and tell your Mom I LOVE LOVE LOVE the names she chose for all you girls. Wicked Awesome!