Saturday, November 13, 2010

something that stresses me...

Well I thought about this one all day and I was trying so hard to think of something witty or comical or a story I can share but alas my creative brain is on hiatius tonight so heres what I came up with- nothing to great just day to day stuff- but Im sure in 10 years I'll read this and laugh.

I stress when I am late to things- I really don't like to be late. I make fun of my father in law because he pushes the limits of time to the max- that man can talk anyone into letting him on a closed airplane. He misses more flights and has close calls than anyone I know and I love giving him a hard time about it.

I stress when I look at my house and think did I not just clean you and do 4 loads of laundry of which have 18 pairs of little boy underwear. I have way too much laundry. I'm so glad Brandon is great at Laundry- he knows how to fold like a pro! I admit its not my strength at all!  Also as a side note Have I mentioned how cute the boys  butts look in underwear- little superheroes I tell you. And we bought them little boxers oh so funny!

 I stress when I look at my carpet- weird I know but it is trashed- totally trashed. Even though we've had the carpets cleaned crumbs and windex and "other things" still cover my carpet. Anyone have a rumba? 
 I would seriously love to try one of those bad boys.

I stress about treating my body right

I stress about treating my boys fairly- that they get equal time with me it's hard. I hate nap time every day- not being able to be with both of them when they call out my name is painful. I want them to know I love them both as individuals.

I stress about Brandon and I and our relationship if he knows how much I still adore him and hanging out with him and if he knows I still watch him when he's not looking. Even today he's just sitting across from me with a hoodie on. It reminds me of Being at school with him. And how much I just love who he is. Relaxed Down to earth Sincere Kind and Ruggedly Handsome. I think he has the tall dark and handsome thing covered.
I worry If he knows this after 3 kids.  

I stress about finishing school. 
 Sometimes I just have to remember it's not my timing. I'll finish. 
It's just taking forever.



  1. Aww I'm sorry you are feeling so stressed. let me know what I can do for you hun.

    It might cheer you up a tiny bit to know there is a little something-something waiting for you over at my blog today!

  2. Awe what a fun picture at the end! Sachins face...priceless! Oh and that blanket everyone is sitting on has my baby and hubby wrapped in it as I type and they watch toy story 3 for the 40th time this week. Stress can be good and bad, and it sounds like you are stressed about the right things :) Just don't get too stressed.