Thursday, November 18, 2010

My very favorite movies....

ok this pic isnt of me its of brandon in paris on his mission when the new star wars came out-it makes me laugh-cause I love star wars too. And I went to it while he was in France.

This is going to be a fun one... I surprise people with my movie selection.... everyone I talk to where we have this conversation is shocked at what films I love. I do not like chick flicks. I'm find the story lines predictable and unentertaining. I know I'm such a prude.... I do however love artsy movies with a love undertone... sundance film festival would be a blast to go too. I also love mystery action films. Anything that has a happy ending- sad ending movies make me leave feeling incomplete-anyone else feel that way?
 Who done its also very good.
So my top 10 movies....
10. Cool Runnings- Who dosn't get goosebumps at the end when they lift the sled and carry it-
 YEAH BABY THATS WHAT THE OLYMPICS ARE ABOUT! It was also one of my Favorite movies before I moved to Calgary- weird eh? It was preparing me lol
9. Back to the Future- You've already heard me talk about this- but I love that I find little things in the movie every time I watch it. And if you are a big nerd like I am watch it with commentary- I love film commentary- why directors do the things they do.
8. Casino Royale- the jumping off the buildings scene- come on thats cool
7. Indiana Jones-Brandon kissed me during this movie for the first time- might be why we have a son named Harrison ;) Plus it reminds me of Disneyland
6. Star Wars- I know see Brandon and I were meant to be together. But I enjoy almost the double meaning behind things. 
5. Blind Side- this show mad me laugh made me cry- I loved everything about it
4. Wait Until Dark- It's an old audrey Hepburn film-She's a blind lady who's pulled into a murder mystery- it's amazing how she listens to things to figure out whats going on-I have it if anyone wants to borrow it.
3- This wouldnt be a list without a musical- my fav musical to watch in movie form is 
Thoroughly modern millie- she tap dances to make the elevator work- and wears 1920's clothing
LOVE LOVE LOVE! with Julie Andrews  too-I also love the Sound of Music
2- THe Wizard of Oz- this film is amazing on so many levels- If you ever want to know where tons of film things came from- it was the Wizard of Oz.-Also great to watch the commentary.
1-Ever After- ok my 1 chick flick- She's strong independent- meets Davinci- I love her angel costume for the masquerade. And I do like Drew Barrymore.

Brandons fav's to come tonight...



  1. Awesome! I think we may be movie soul mates. And Brandon too lol. I'm not a big chick flick person but I do love the Notebook and Sweet Home Alabama. I used to sneak to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (which is my favorite) because my parents wouldn't let me watch it. I also skipped first period when the trilogy was released senior year. Harrison Ford has to be the most handsome actor ever. I wrote about my crush on him in 5th grade. Harrison has a fantastic name :)

  2. Good list girl!! I have to confess, I did take you as more of a chick flick girl.