Friday, February 25, 2011

Starting Gluten Free Caisen Free Diet

So I took Harrison off all gluten and dairy 3 days ago...
I can not believe what is happening to my baby
He's saying new words
He turns his head when I walk in the room Just like he used to do
responds to his name so much better
You can not tell me that there is not something happening here
But I'm scared 

Is he getting enough to eat is his body ok without these things?
Then I have to think about yeast and artificial colors I've reasearched it for a while and decided... ]
why wouldn't I try everything I can to help my child.. If he had an allergy I wouldn't let him have these foods would I?
 I wouldn't
 And while it sucks to see him cry when greyson eats pizza and he can't.. I feel like it's working and in the long run Id rather have my child speak to me. Heres a great artical I found on the matter. Now for me who is an ok cook I'm a little overwhelmed. I still think much prayer will be involved deciding what to do.. but I'm going to try it for 6 months very very strictly write everything down according to his behavior./what he ate that day. Say a prayer for me because I'm scared. and overwhelmed with this.
heres the website I have looked all over for optimistic sites that help me as a parent to do something and I really like this website everyday autism miracles they have podcasts to listen to that I love..
from a mother -just what I needed

When your child isn't meeting all of the their developmental markers it seems counter intuitive to take away their favorite foods, maybe even cruel.  It seems that way but it isn't.  The truth is that food is sometimes part of the problem.  If your child was recently diagnosed with Autism, you may have been told there are some dietary interventions that prove very effective with some children.  You may also have been told that it doesn't work for all kids, or even that it doesn't work at all.  I can't speak for all children, but as a parent I can tell you that my child started speaking again when we took milk and wheat in all forms out of his diet.  If that isn't compelling enough, it also changed his behavior so greatly that I was able to walk down the sidewalk and hold his hand for the first time.  It was so clear in our son's case that milk and wheat made his symptoms of Autism worse that we were highly motivated to keep it out of his diet.
I remember my mother saying to me, "Isn't he ever going to get to eat ice cream?"  I looked at my chubby cheeked three year old and told her, "He can have ice cream, he just won't be able to talk or communicate for days afterward.  Ice cream is great but I'm going to choose being able to talk over ice cream."  My mother looked like I'd slapped her, but she really "got it".  I'm sure kids who have peanut allergies wonder what it's like to have a peanut butter sandwich or to eat our without fear of contamination, but who would choose peanuts over breathing? Or ice cream over speaking.  In our case it was a no brainer.  Unfortunately, it isn't always as cut and dried with other kids.
There is one efficient way that I have found to predict if your child could benefit from one of the dietary interventions for Autism:  Look at what and how your child currently eats.  Is your child addicted to colorful candy?  They don't want to eat meals they just want to snack on colorful sweets?  Chances are that your child could benefit from a version of the Feingold Diet.  Does your child live on crackers and milk, or mac and cheese and chicken nuggets?  They don't want juice, but they crave milk?  Your child is a prime candidate to improve on the gluten free, casein diet.  Is your child in love with potatoes?  French fries for lunch, tater tots for dinner, mashed potatoes at restaurants and potato chips in the car? They don't want water, but they love juice and crave fruit of all kinds? Odds are your child could benefit from at least a modified version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Does it all sound scary and overwhelming to you?  You aren't alone.
 I'm here to help.

If you are dealing with diagnosis you are scared sad overwhelmed go to the link above.. 

please go.. as scary as it is to look at websites believe me I know I'm just barley feeling ok looking at websites it will help I promise



  1. YOu are a good mom. You will be amazing. And he will thank you for the sacrifices *YOU* are making. Because, he may be the one not eating the pizza, but you're the one whose heart is breaking.

  2. YES YES YES!!! I love all these positive words coming out of you! Keep them coming and it WILL get better. Smother that little boy with LOVE and know that he DOES love you back... How couldn't he? Look at you and how hard you are fighting for HIM!

  3. isn't it crazy the details that mothers notice??? We notice the first signs AND we can tell when treatments work or don't. Aren't we blessed?

  4. I'm so proud of you babe! You're gonna kick this thing right in the butt and show it who's boss! Harrison is so lucky to have you as his mommy and you're doing wonderful things for him! I heart you Bree!

  5. You are such a powerhouse. I am amazed by you and everything you are doing on a daily basis. AMAZING the changes you are seeing, more are sure to come too!

  6. Hi my Nana banana!It is amazing what changing a diet can do . I am so proud to be your little sister and I know everything will work out it may take some time but know that your family is behind you 100%! If there is anything you need or things I could make that could help please let me know XOXO"S