Thursday, March 24, 2011

cupcake loveness

I can't believe she's one
Isn't she beautiful...She brings my soul such joy

Decor compliments of my parents and sister acacia
Is the balloon chandelier not amazing! Reminds me of my fav glass sculptor chihuli 
It was a crazy week! So I'm glad they were there to help me.
Cupcakes from Crave which she loves...such a pretty party for one very pretty girl.

she got a bunch of clothes
a walker
a toy dog
a little light up piano
some stuffed animals including a special owl 
and a pink big girl car seat

stuff she's doing ta one year...
 she plays peek a boo
always want to be next to her brothers
she does this flop thing on the couch and then laughs at herself it's so cute
she can climb the stairs like a pro
all milestones I think I took for grantid before this year.
I'm so greatful she's mine. And that her oozing sweetness touches my spirit and uplifts me daily.


  1. I wished we lived closer! all your parties look AMAZING. loves.

  2. What a beautiful pink explosion! Looks like a fun party.