Friday, March 25, 2011

Bunk Beds Canadian style

I totally stole this title from Brooke.. but it was too cute
We went to the cranston gym yesterday to let the boys and Jett man Run around. They have a parachute balls rope.. it was nice to just chat with Brooke while the kids got some energy out greyson and harrison had two sides of a jump rope that they were playing tug of war with and one would run while the other tried to catch the end of the rope.. also coco was quite the headturner.. there was a little 2 year old there named alexander he kept coming up to coco and saying I like your pretty dress and petting her
 But it gets better every time we lifted up the parachute .coco was in the middle  and they were under there kissing! Like full on the lips smooching!. And this continued for about 10 minutes. His mom was dying laughing as was I because coco seemed to enjoy it.. not how she reacts from her brothers
 I'm in mega trouble... 
this also happened

they were tired by the end and decided to nap
in the hockey nets
typical canadians 

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