Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boys in Boutonnieres

So wedding season is upon me and I literally feel like my house is an assembly line. I'm trying to keep myself busy while we wait for the therapy people to come. I end up doing structered morning then free play in the afternoon then they nap and I work..and I Work at night..literally till 2am sometimes.. I just get in the zone. It helps to stay busy and not think about things too much.  I'm a big worrier..and I realized I can't do that to my body I jumped into projects.and while they were napping and I was making stuff I realized I needed something for boys.. because i love my little guys...So little rosette boutonnieres it was. They arn't up on etsy yet because I'm still working on color pallettes..
and working on a big order for the alberta ballet...can't wait to show you stuff for that!...

someone asked how I was feeling latley so here it is...I'm feeling stronger..but still kindve that hurt feeling like if you get the wind knocked out of you... no more in the haze...luckily he is responding so well to gf cf diet..we put him back on it.. the difference was huge. Also we started probiotics and fish oils and b 12... his speech has improved well as the eye contact. I have faith the man will take care of us and whether he recovers or not I know He will be close with lots of hard work and prayers.. so keep me brandon and him in yours will you. I feel like we need all the extra help love and blessings we can get. To push him over the edge of understanding. 
But I'll tell you right now I won't stop fighting this.


  1. those are so cute! what a great idea. let me know when they are up on your etsy shop and i will spread the word!

  2. so cute Bree! I'm in awe at what you can do in a day!