Thursday, July 7, 2011

To the theatre darling!

 So for my 25th birthday present Keshia got me tickets to go see wicked. She knows I love broadway..singing dancing and froo froo costumes..Is she not the best ever! I know I'm so lucky... not just for going to wicked but because she has an amazing soul. The best part I have to say was getting to dress up. I would wear this outfit every day if I could. Yay for fascinators feathers and rhinestones..... and the pettiskirt is awesome I love it!
 It even makes some of my short dresses more modest..which also rocks. 

The whole musical is so amazing...One of my favorites.. Ive loved it forever..but never seen it on broadway. Let me tell you up close the costumes are unbelievable! sparkles ruffles hats! We had the best seats ever! They even had these cool drinks called witches with sprite and little sour gummy worms .. adorable I love when stuff is theme-ish! 
Keshia inspired me she said lately Ive felt that events like this.. it's all about taking in the experience.. so who cares if this little cup of witches brew is 6 bucks..get it anyway cause its fun and you'll remember that little moment... it was a good lesson to just let go some times and enjoy.
 stirring the brew!

were pretending to be the sign is it working?
 thanks Keshia 
what a sport for hanging out with the girl who has the crazy outfit!

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  1. Bree only you could pull of such a smashing outfit for such an event! I love it!