Sunday, December 25, 2011

service day 24 and 25 and christmas eve 2011

Day 24 and 25 were personal to me so I'm not going to share them here on my public blog, But I will tell you it filled me with christmas cheer, reminded me what the season is all about, and touched my heart so deeply. Christmas eve was wonderful- I love it more than christmas, I truly think about the savior, how he knows me how he knows my worries , how he never leaves me alone, How grateful I am for his example, and the spirit he brings into people hearts,We went to the nativity pageant afer eating chinese food with the johnson fam,... The line to se the nativity was huge we had to wait an hour in line- it backed all the way up the hill and in a way felt like we were waiting to meet jesus, kind've cool- brooke and mik were with their babies back at the house- and they so kindly watched coco while she was sleeping- only having two to take care of was super nice, I felt like I could concentrate on the boys, and teach them about christ. So off barrett crystal debbie joel brandon me and the boys went...

We played on the hill running up to see the train tracks.because it's held by heritage park,they were so patient waiting, It was almost like my christmas present from heavenly father they were really well behaved for being cold outside, the lights turned on and you could see the stable...and the music was soft and Harrison yells's Jesus!!! turn the lights off he has to go night night!,,I died laughing and crying just because it was so sweet- I've mentioned jesus to him,, but he was so excited.. almost like he knew him personally,, and I just lost it he's closer to christ than anyone in our family and you can tell he sensed it... Then greyson.. I swear he is just so hilarious,the wise men set presents down, He says presents jesus gets presents! He's sooo lucky!  Brandon and I looked at each other tryingnot to die laughing- recovering still from harrison,,,then the angles light up bright and start singing and harrison says mom santas here!- like it's time for his grand entrance, and everytime the sheep would walk across .. bahhh bahhhh, so it was tender - we held our sons, we looked at each other- whispered I love you, on christmas eve- watching the nativity outside all bundled in blankets, and I cried, it felt like christmas and I felt joy again so deep in my soul. So yes we might have a different path now. But last night I enjoyed my journey to holland and got to feel the spirit deeper than i think I would've felt it before. I'm learning to appreciate sooo much the tiny important things, I knew last night was a gift from my heavenly father to me,  So greatful that the boys were pretty well behaved besides losing mqueen in the bleachers and Harrison being upset for a minute. It was a beautiful night, I felt the christmas spirit, and I hope that I can remember what I felt and apply it to my thinking in the new year.

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