Friday, January 20, 2012


people I have officially been sugar free for a week...lost 10 pounds already... and I feel like I'm  out of this heavy state..and I'm not craving me thats amazing
I've basically only had wild rice as my carb 1/4 a cup once every 2 days green veggies, chicken and turkey...back to bikini bootcamp regime and jillian michaels 30 day shred videos.
So as a result I've had.major major headaches...I now know I was addicted to sugar and it can be just as bad for your body as othe addictions...make you sluggish during the day, cause depression symptoms, cause your blood sugar to make you have highs and my packet from the bbcamp it says that sugar is almost like a drug, represses emotions,which is why during stress sometime people will reach for the chocolate mini eggs ect... I just had to share that I feel almost human again- and it made a huge difference in my clarity and efficiency with my day and getting things accomplished. c ya sugar!


  1. Seriously you are amazing! I think that sugar really is my drug! I am back in school and still working all my jobs and I live for sugar to keep my going. I need to try the no sugar thing because I could stand to lose 10lbs! Great job Bree! Always an inspiration!

  2. I blog stalk your blog every once in a while, and I have talked about this same thing on my blog. Sugar CAN be an addiction for certain people. For me, it is. I want to recommend "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program" for you--changed my life. If you need something to fall back on, read it. It talks about SLOWLY eliminating sugar FOR LIFE instead of just the season. I'm not saying you'll relapse but I know it was hard for me to quit cold-turkey, and this book was the answer for me.

    Good luck!