Monday, January 16, 2012

my fav type of art

My favorite board on pinterest..this board is my utmost makes me happy..bring joy to my heart, I'm just really into all types of art right now, and I appreciate all the time and energy it takes to make something beautiful. Amazing right?

guerilla crochet- does amazing street art
my fav painting in the world silso

 a painting by mdaislymoffit this is sucha  beautiful piece- reminds me of how happy spring makes me
 3 d sculpture- i need this for my home some day i love it! i love the clear against the color the shadows- how things really do have menaing besides just dots and acylic plexi glass chris cook designs
print by janethillsstudio I'm not a huge fan of still life- but these just make me happy and remind me of my home. quirky and colorful

 amazing beaded pieces by doloris petunia this etsy designer just amazes me-
 I'd love to take a class from her.
this was actually someones avatar and I loved it but don't know the source sorry- let me know if you know where it came from!
melanie dawn harter-I just love her hair, I really really might do this some day It remind me of being a child, feeling beautiful, and just doing something you love and think would be fun.

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  1. love them! Especially the tree and the avatar! Love that they're so colorful and happy and Bree-like!