Monday, January 23, 2012


Things the kids are saying I want to remember- and some cool edited photos I'm going to make into art for the house. Little personalities are developing It's so fun to see them grow into little people.

greyson- says I love... to  everything he sees. He will also put his cowboys shirt on and say goooo cowboys- to his grandpa who loves them. he eats his dinner and runs to the mirror seeing if hes grown at all. I want to be big like dad when I told him it didn't work that way it was a full on melt down for an hour. We go to grandmas every sunday or they come to our house, but this week the boys were playing together and I said it was time to go home, greyson started to cry, came up to me and said one more minute with jett mom?..first time he's ever tried to negotiate with me. He asks me all the names of the hotwheels cars, and says that the scion is his favorite. When iask him what he wants for his birthday he says a hotwheels tarck that goes fast, and reminds me that harrison wants dr bones.

harrison..he's big into holidays- kindve like his mom-so we've been prepping him for birthdays..theres alot coming up in the next few months in our family. He watches home videos on the ipad and he loves the one where we sing happy birthday to coco- so we've been telling him its his birthday..he gets excited says he wants blue pupcakes{crave cupcakes not that I go there lots}, and dr bones{ hot wheels race track}- It's hilarious..because any time we mention the word birthday he reminds us..umm mom blue pupcakes and dr bones. He also says I'm so happy to see you, and mommdaddy- like were one persona.. also we know hes listening more..because we talk and all the sudden he'll chim in 30 seconds later..if your pateint with him the audio senses in him catch up in about taht time, so if you talk slower he totally understands. so teh other day i yell gryson jett..are you upstairs or downstairs..harrison was cuddling brandon on the couch.. and i hear a whisper I'm upstairs mom..... we all just kindve laughed.

chloe'-she loves to say ucky bum bum- she got a cabbage patch girl for christmas and we change her diaper daily-and we think she just likes saying it.. its so cute and funny. stop it stop it hair- she hates when we touch her hair..she loves saying all the face parts- she is such a chatty cathy, i cant believe how much she can say..dore -is for dora pincess- for when i put on her pettiskirt- i just cant believe she can say that..girls are totally different I just cant believe how much even her demeanor is unique. She has this sparkly little way about her. She calls her blanket b,like harrison does..and she loves to run and give hugs to everyone.

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