Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 I've been on the phone all day with agencies..everyones a year wait list....I've already waited a year..and he might not even get a spot in september.... they messed up our respite hours, our worker is always on vacation, and I just don't understand why if they have a need for kids who need help why they cant hire more people to make the wait lists shorter...these kids need help..now.. it's ridiculous, and I'm one angry mother. I wish I had a billion dollars so I could hire my own team of workers to help my son. But I don't. And the people that are supposed to help just make things 100 times more complicated than they need to be. There you go..my rant..I'm tired of waiting patiently. Pray for harrison Pray for me to be ok with waiting ..pray he gets a spot in september or before that. I feel like it's totally out of my control.  one of those i want to scream in my pillow and break a vase days!

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  1. I am so sorry! Praying things get better. God has a plan, he is gonna work it out.