Saturday, February 11, 2012

queen of hearts birthday

Our coco turned 2 on the 8th of february..and I decided to throw a valentines themed party,,,because her birthday has been so close to valentines and her official due date was valentines..I always think of her as my little valentine...

this cute invite I found on mommiesink via was a valentine postcard I just had changed for a birthday theme.
 the wreath is made from yarn... a floaties cut and duck taped..some  red crinoline, red wire sprigs and sparkly hearts from the dollar store..i tucked her invite in for the party..and then took it off after her it worked for valentines too.
 our chalkborad wall greeted everyone as they came in.. I wrote love a bajillion times..I think it looks like wallpaper after I LOVE IT...:)
 I had everyone type or write coco a note for her to open on her 18th birthday before they came in..on paper doilies
                                    cute straws bought on etsy from isakay boutique- I just used red paper cups to cut down on costs..and I couldnt find milk bottle..but I  actually ended up liking the pop of color
 silhouette from lepapier studio, pom poms from pom love, banner from funkyshique 
                 my amazing cake and cupcakes were made by miss katie from cakery bakery cherry chocolate  strawberry filling with dark chocolate and vanilla and chocolate buttercream swirled like a rose.. sooooo cute and sooo yummy!

 raspberry sorbet punch to drink.. I put it in an apothecary jar instead of a 
punch bowl for a little extra flair
  chocolate croissants wrapped in heart doilies
 and the cute little missy herself in a mod dress with peterpan collar dress from faithworks4u
I just love my baby girl

 brother wanted to pose too
 we took her to build a bear earlier in the day she carried this around all day
 yay for balloons!
 cake time I'm a happy girl!
 dig in litttle one!

Happy 2nd birthday my coco I love you soo much!
What you got at yoru party....
a pink swimsuit from aunt brooke
an outfit,pink flip flops and blue dress from grandma debbie
an outfit from aunt keshia
a ball/flower and owl blankie from aunt sarah and uncle denton
a shopping cart from mommy and daddy
a play phone from harrison
a pink pettiskirt from greyson
and an animal farm from neemah and papa


  1. WOW you did an amazing job!! that's seriously the cutest party!

  2. Your party is lovely...I can't remember how I happened to read this blog post, but I loved the cupcake stand and pinned it the other day in case I ever needed one. And today, I got asked to make some cupcakes for school and think it will be a lovely way to display them.
    Thank you for sharing!