Wednesday, February 1, 2012

so we're hiring

so after almost a year of wait lists..I've officially had a mental breakdown on how I help my son.. I called our case worker and was just so frustrated that nothing was happening..and she suggested we hire privately..which I didn't even know was an option for fscd....

so thats what we are doing next.
after a year of diagnosis
a year of waiting
something finally something will happen
and with how well I think he's doing I can't wait to see how much he improves the next couple years.

All next week are interviews for aides and therapists and ot and psych aides.. I have a feeling my house will be a bustling place.. but i like that.. I love having my home feel like theres always someone here. As Ive talked to other mothers of kids with a disability... they've all siad the love you see these people have for your child and the relationships you build..are incredible and touching and they will become like family. I'm a tad nervous that we pick someone we gel with. Its hard to tell in one interview if it's the right deciscion for yoru family and for harrison. But  I'm so happy that something is starting.. and my stress level my extreme amount of stress and feelings of no control..are finally going to go down. And we can get to work. And I can have help taking my kids to swimming lessons or gymnastics..and feel like a normal mother that can do activities with her 3 children.. It will be so nice to have some help. Literally I can feel a burden being lifted off my shoulders. And I feel like my heavenly father wanted us to go this way and thats why we had to wait.. that we will get better care by going private than through an agency with lots of red tape. I'm also excited that this will give me the time to spend more one on one time with each of my kids..especially greyson.. I get coco in the mornings..but I feel like Im working so hard with harrison in the afternoons with speech cards and eye exercises and sharing exercises/sitting still skills ..that I miss little greyson moments.. donet get me wrong he does it too..but I'm excited to get to just chill with my son who I think has been so patient through my emotions the last 2 years..and I'm thrilled to have it feel more even and normal again. The twin thing is hard..I feel torn in so many directions.
so thats what's new
let the hiring begin.

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  1. YAY! That's wonderful news! I hope you find just the right person to hire- things sound so great for Harrison. I'm so happy that this path is finally opening up for you- I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful things to come :)