Friday, April 23, 2010

LegenDairy Cactus Farm

So this last weekend us Nielsens and Larsens went on a small getaway to phoenix. It was so fun to be with friends..and it felt like I was in college again. So good for my little soul.

I had one on one time with Brandon and co co. She was amazing the whole trip and I loved just holding her- which is something I don't get to do a lot of at home cause I'm constantly chasing the boys..who by the way today opened my front door- deadbolt and all and went outside..looks like I need some better childproofing stuff-oh man one will kneel on the floor while the other climbs on top of him to reach things- HOW DO THEY LEARN THIS! anyways continuing on...
Co Co in her new ruffly swimsuit!
Brandon by the pretty fountain- I want one of these in my yard someday it was so cool!
this is a sad yet funny bumper sticker that made us laugh.
Keshia writing on peoples windshields...yes shes a nerd- and apparently also from manitoba!
the girls gettin a tan
the boys in these bumper car boats- seriously these things are super fun!
the girls on the minigolf course
guys getting ready to drive go carts at golfland- which nicks uncle owns- so basically we got in for free and got to try everything including the water park and arcade-
it was so fun I felt like a VIP!
- keshia has the good pictures of this i used her a post on that will come later
this flea market was amazing- i loved the rows and rows of pretty beads to make jewelery
card night!
so on Sunday after church we wanted to do something naturie so decided to go to this cactus farm and have a picnic- yeah didntthink to hard on that one picnic on the ground with cactuses hmm that might hurt! yeah were kindve idiots. We thought there would be a visitor center or something ...nope just a desert with cactuses- haaa so now I always say hey guys rememeber when we went to that amazing cactus forest- and we all laugh pretty hard.
I liked this one it had pink flowers on it - kindve like it had an accesscory! and yes...I am wearing runners here!- did not want to ruin my heels on sharp cacti!
riley and chloe on there first girl trip together as bfff friends
we even got to go to a suns playoff game! they won by like 30! WHOOOO
This is us dressed in purple for the game. Chloe wasn't a fan of the noise makers but eventually fell asleep. The vacation was super awesome. I loved being with my friends and enjoyed some much needed rnr.



  1. haha, thanks for the post, I need to steal some of those pictures, and recap. It was a lot of fun, hey remember when...

  2. haha loved it! such a fun trip and wonderful memories! Thanks I needed it!