Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling stronger

I think having a plan and something to start helping Harrison 
.. that alone is helping me.. 
 I realized this week that Harrison is still Harrison..
 We just now have a label..which will help him get help. 
What's funny is that to others.. you can't even tell somethings wrong.. 
and sometimes it's hard for me to tell.. besides the lack of speech.
 I think that makes it hard on me. I know there's something wrong but it isn't easy to see how it's affecting what he learns. I'm Grateful he's not on the low end of the spectrum but frustrated that he will be expected to fit in this world and it will be tough to teach him in a totally different way. 
I'm learning structure is my friend.. He's thriving on it..It's interesting talking to people that help teach kids on the spectrum and I've heard this again and again..
All it is is a different learning style.. very very visual For instance I drew a picture of him eating lunch showed him before we started eating.. and he sat and ate...and smiled and showed me his fork and spoon
I can't wait to see what he does with the therapists.

 Did I mention I'm tired. 

I feel like it's constant engage Harrison 24/7 because thats how he's going to learn that he has to connect with people. He's great with me Brandon Greyson and Grandparents.. But other people/peers are harder for him. He's ok to just just do his own thing...
Which reminds me of me..I hated group work in highschool and college.. 
Just let me do it my way 
....I have a plan... 
wonder where he gets his stubbornness?
We had art time today
Don't know why I didn't try stuff like this sooner
what a wake up call to mothering
He's teaching me how to play again
and he said all his colors to me
 made me happy

also coco's laugh makes me happy its like elmer fudd not even joking

And Brandon bought snicker bars we were on the couch watching Modern family and he says want a snickers? I have a secret stash.. Totally fun and unexpected treat. made me smile

I'm feeling stronger.. still hurts...but am ready to start fighting back



  1. I'm so happy for you Bree! You are a great mother!

  2. You are doing great! Wel all learn things along this path that help us help our children. I just started arts and craft time at our house- Gracie LOVES it! Why on earth did it take almost three years to start this? Why didn't I have play doh in the house before Christmas? I don't know.But I know there are hundreds of things out there that we each will clue into at one time or another. I'm glad you have a plan, knowing how to start and in which direction to go is the first of many steps. I'm excited that he responded so well to your picture of him at lunch!! Picture schedules can do wonders :) Good luck, you really are doing great!