Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss coco

Thanks Miss V for the most wonderful tender day.
One year ago my little coco came to me.
what a sweet tender little gift she has been 
Such a wonderful wonderful baby gentle quiet sweet.
Big smiles a hearty laugh and appetite
and just genuine oozing of cuteness and love 
really I have people say she exudes love
and I totally get it

With all the stress lately I knew I needed a one on one date with my daughter.
So I had miss v from vrphotography take some birthday shots of miss coco. 
The link will show you some more
We went to Crave and had a cupcake then chilled down by fish creek park 
because the weather was so warm during the chinook. 
It was such a joy to just bask in sunshine get in cute girly clothes and spend some time with my coco
These shots are so precious to me thanks again Vanessa You are truly Talented.
 And you captured the love.
We might have to make this a yearly tradition



  1. Beautiful baby! Beautiful Mama! Talented photographer! I love these pictures (I can't believe how light her hair is!) and I can see why they are so precious to you. Happy birthday Coco! You are a blessing to everyone who knows you!

  2. You are so welcome Bree x0x0~
    And I totally agree that we need to make this a yearly tradition, you girls are so much fun to shoot.

  3. SOOOO CUTE!!! What a fun tradition to establish :) I love the pictures you are such a fabulous mom! And I think coco is the most stylish baby I've ever seen.